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I'm on a boat!

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Date: 16:44 Oct 9, 2010
Thailand special

While on my holidays I decided to make it my mission to take a photo of everything I ate. I didn't quite get everything but here is a pretty big list of the food I ate while in Thailand. And yes, the beetles will be included. As there is quite a lot of it, I'll not give detailed notes. If you spot something you want more info about, just let me know. It will be mostly cronological order but to be honest, its hard to keep track of what I ate and when. 

Not Thai food, Manchester food. Buying this snack is when I decided to try and photograph everything.


The food on the plane.

The soup mentioned in the general holiday thread. Very tasty indeed. Putting sugar into soup makes it well good.

Seaweed flavour crisps.

Chicken soup, rice and fruit for breakfast.

What I thought was a deep fired pasty. Turned out to be some kind of sweet, cheesy pancake. Surprisingly tough.

Squid eggs.

Quail eggs, wrapped in squid and deep fired.

A chocobanana.

Chilli squid crisps.

Not actually edible, just an acurate sign.

Mini chicken pasty.

Assorted deep fired stuff. Bananas, sweet potato and chicken.

Meat on sticks.


Many, many cakes.

Deep fried sweet potato.

A crispy pancake that was far to sweet to eat.

Cup cakes.

A Mos Burger coaster. The logo is not exactly correct, the chicken burger kate had was pretty gross. However, my crispy crab burger was ok.

I didn't eat either of these but they looked good so I took a picture. This is how butties should be filled.

Tasty looking banana.

Congee. Very weird breakfast.

Carrot sauce.

Fresh coconut milk.

Coconut syrup. Not really to my tastes but I had to drink it to be polite.


I'm on a boat!

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Date: 17:02 Oct 9, 2010

The beetles. There is also a video of this, I'll post that at a later date.

Some unusual purple fruit and unknown green and white substance.  Served with sugar on top. I had chicken again this day but you've already seen that.

A blueberry delight. Very tasty. Blueberries, yoghurt, milk and ice cream.

Pork bun crisps.

Shrimp crackers. The stuff that looks like tar was a very spicy dip.

Spring rolls.

Green curry, with chicken.

Cake and kiwi yoghurt drink.

This is the food I cooked during my cooking class.

A panaeng curry with pork.

Chiang Mai curry with chicken.

Fried fish with chilli and basil. Mine is the one on top. Something went wrong.

Sweet and sour veg and fruit.

Spicy glass noodle salad.

There was also black sticky rice pudding but I can't find the pic. I'll have a look later.


I'm on a boat!

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Date: 17:17 Oct 9, 2010

An English breakfast. Not great.

A buffet lunch at the elephant camp. Its nice to eat buffet and look at elephants.

King prawns.

Fish cakes.

Ice cream.

I'll have to leave this for the mo. Mum and Dad are coming round to see the full pics set. plus, I seem to have messed up the chronology of thing so when I continue its going to look like I had two teas one night. Not that I would have any shame in doing that mind you.


I'm on a boat!

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Date: 19:59 Oct 12, 2010

Right, lets see if I can remember where I was up to with this. I think I'd got as far as Chiang Mai. These won't exactly be in order, I'll just post what I have.

From a food hall at the night bazzar, for starters a deep fried selection. Fish, prawns, crab sticks.

 Followed by a tasty treat from a stall where you pick what you want and it gets cooked for you. I went for prawns and squid.

Followed by roast pork with oyster sauce.

Followed by some banana and chocolate pancake. It was a good feed that night.

Beer and a fag, in the jungle, with the elephants.

Duck legs.

Mushroom paste pockets. Deep fried.

A nice stirfried chicken that Kate had.

The food on the train. All of that was mine, quite tasty. Yellow curry, stirfired chicken, soup, rice and a slice of pinapple.


I'm on a boat!

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Date: 20:21 Oct 12, 2010

Crab butties.

Some Samui breakfasts now. Scrambles egg. Simple but nice.

Thai version of a fry up.

Banana omlette. Works surprisingly well.

Beach food. Pinapple.

Chicken on sticks.



Spring rolls.

This is one of the best cheese burgers I have ever eaten. It was so good, I ordered iton two consecutive nights. Thats almost unheard of, I usually like to try something different each day. It was a ver special burger.

Some tasty pork from the same bar.

Washed down with cocktails.

Do you like pina colada? I do.

Spicy squid salad. It was spicy too, very spicy indeed.


A seafood BBQ. I ate a new species here, bacaccuda. Not had that before, its nice, kind of like a cod/ swordfish combination. The other stuff on the plate is a whole crab, squid and king prawns.

Same thing but with the flash on. Personally, I think the flash makes food look unappealing. However, mood lighting doesn't alow for good detail in the pics.

Washed down with a bottle of beer almost as big as a bottle of wine.


I'm on a boat!

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Date: 20:40 Oct 12, 2010

A strangely sweet pork bun.

Prawns, chicken knuckles and pork neck.

Another burger. Not as good as the Samui one.

Hotdog, scrambled egg, tuna and ham butties. For breakfast.

Back in the bangcock food hall. Crispy prawn omlette.

Custard moon = dohnut.

Tuna buns.

Fire Floss. No idea what this was.

Tasty coconut and raisin buns.

Porntip pork strips. I didn't have any, it was just an amusing name.

As was this, squid for the WIN!

Bread with egg and bacon.

30 year old whiskey. Sadly it was too expensive to buy. It was about £200. Bet its nice though.

Thats all. I've probably missed some stuff but this is a good representation of the Thai delights that I ate.


Full blown swine vomit

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Date: 20:45 Oct 12, 2010

In a word.... Hurrrah!

I love the way eastern folks do that crazy batter which is mostly flour shaked in a bag with the food, still not mastered it yet.

Twilight is shit. My gf brought the fucking book round round one day, so I raped the bitch.

I like posting me I do

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Date: 22:38 Oct 12, 2010

Fuck. Yes.

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