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Date: 01:39 Feb 6, 2010

Been playin the demo online, I like! Seem to do better as the marines, I only need to know one thing, where, they, are! Aliens are way too confusin, tryin to process which way up you are, which way you wanna go and then try n kill summat with yer hands or tail, ooff! Predators are ok, I just can't figure out how to use the crazy weapons?!


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Date: 10:46 Feb 6, 2010

Demo you say? I'll have to see if its on the PSN yet. I downloaded the trailers a while ago, looks good however, I've always found the AvP games to be oddly unbalanced. Its weird when it comes to controling the Aliens, I don't usually bother with them. However, it was good in the one where you start as a face hugger, then a chest burster. It sucked when fully grown though. Like you say, you can't tell which way up you are so can't figure out how to kill things. Predators are usually too easy as you can just blast things with the shoulder rockets and the humans can't see you until its too late. The humans usually get slapped silly by both sides and don't have any way of defending themselves. Its either too easy or too hard, but still, oddly compelling.

The best AvP game has to be this though:

A good old fashioned side scrolling beat em/ shoot emĀ up.


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Date: 01:29 Feb 24, 2010

Yeah the arcade version is the best AVP game EVER!!!!

I was hoping they would make the AVP films like this but no.... we get a big load of shit covered in more shit topped with dog shit.

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